My interest is in the natural world, whether that be landscapes, plants, weather and space. I love nothing more than a day out with the camera in hand.

A couple of years ago whilst I was on a visit to Spain, I walked through a craft market, from a distance, I saw some pictures part made from shells and stones, I thought I’ll call back there and have a closer look when I return.

Wouldn’t you know it the traders had all packed up and left by the time I passed back by and I was really sorry I hadn’t looked properly when I first passed. I’ve been back several times since and have never seen it again.

So fast forward to the beginning of 2016….I was in North Wales caring for a sick relative, taking a break I wandered down to the sea, sat on the beach and got lost in my own thoughts, I just picked up some of the pebbles and started to arrange them into a picture.  The memories of the craft market in Spain flooded back, and well, that was that, my pebble art began. 

My interest developed over the months, and I introduced a jewellery range, again using pebbles in many pieces. The pebbles are brought in from craft and aggregate suppliers, if they're not smooth enough, I put them into a rock tumbler until the desired finish is achieved. The driftwood and seaglass are from various beach locations, where I can, I buy in from the RNLI, whom have people collect the pieces and they sell them online where the proceeds go to their charity.

The online store is currently under construction s]and I am am adding products as quickly as I can. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments, or commission enquires by emailing rhian@wildandrocky.com